The Army Museum Port Dickson

The Army Museum Port Dickson

The Army Museum Port Dickson

The Army Museum Port Dickson is a must visit when you are in PD.

To add to the uniqueness of the museum, there is an underground tunnel that allows visitors to experience what it was like when the Communist party were planning & hiding before the independence of Malaysia.

The museum has 3 sections to it; The outer display, The inward display & The Underground display.

The Outer Display
A few cannons used back in the day before Malaysia achieved independence are laid out on both sides, some of which the year, made and person in-charge of it, is listed in a plaque below it.

Once you have passed the cannon display, there are a few old locomotives, passenger trains, vehicles and planes that were used as well as a monument of those who sacrificed their lives fighting for our country’s independence.

The restrooms are also located outside as well as the cafeteria and souvenir shop,

The Inward Display
This is set within the museum and houses artifacts and smaller items used during the day. There are a few rooms that houses these artifacts all around the museum grounds and are labeled according to the era , such as: The British Invasion Era, The Japanese Invasion Era, The Independence Era and so on.

The Underground Display
The Underground Display is basically the tunnel that has been refurbished with CCTV cameras, air humidifiers and of course artifacts and such depicting the times back before Malaysia achieved independence.

An informative and intriguing museum, why not take the kids down to The Army Museum Port Dickson during the upcoming school break for a lesson on history and sacrifice.

Admission: Free

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