Melaka Art & Performance Festival 2017

Melaka Art & Performance Festival 2017

Melaka Art & Performance Festival

MAP Fest celebrates a place of cultural fusion – incorporating past, present and future. The Festival is Mapping the City with its stories, through selected sites for audiences all over Melaka. This is a place for artists to experiment and present short innovative performances in all artistic mediums, to encourage the life of the arts in Malaysia, Asia and internationally.

The arts are necessary to propel the new. MAP seeks to promote Melaka to the world as a Creative Hub for innovative arts – where heritage is respected and artistic and cultural fusion is encouraged.

Not just as entertainment but through a vibrant development of community involvement that integrates – and maps – the arts within the life of Melaka.

Date: 24th – 27th November
Time: 4 pm onwards ( Various Timing)
Venue: St. Paul’s Hills, Bandar Hilir, Melaka
Admission: Free Entry
Tel: +603.74.919.233

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